5 How to control the temperature of frying eggs in a pan


The Royi Smart Temperature Control Display Pan is designed to help you master the cooking temperature and achieve the best cooking effect. The pan displays the temperature of the pot sensor position in real time, so that the cook can adjust accordingly. When the sensor position’s temperature is higher than 260 degrees Celsius, all diodes around the display will light up at once to indicate an over-temperature alarm.Smart Non-Stick Pans

Adjustable burner ring

The Royi Temperature Control Display Pan comes with a burner ring that has 9 variable power settings, which ranges from 100 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius. Every time you adjust the stove’s heat, the display will show the updated temperature of the pot sensor position. You can choose the appropriate power level according to the type of food and cooking effect you want to achieve.

Precise temperature control

The Royi pan intelligently adapts to the cooking needs of different dishes and provides precise temperature control. It offers three modes for different dishes: fry, saute, roast. The fry mode is suitable for frying egg, fish, French fries; the saute mode is suitable for stewing vegetables and other dishes with a little liquid; the roast mode is suitable for roasting various meats and vegetables.

To cook a dish in this pan, you can simply set the corresponding function on the display panel. The pan will automatically adjust to the desired temperature according to your selected function.

Non-stick coating

The surface of the pan has a non-stick coating and features an ergonomic handle for easy use. The Royi Smart Temperature Control Display Pan is a great addition to any kitchen and can also be used for cooking eggs.

Fast heating effect

Achieving the best cooking effect is a common problem for many people. The Royi Smart Temperature Control Display Pan has a heating plate on the bottom of the pan, which can conduct heat quickly to the food and reach an appropriate cooking temperature.

Durable and safe

The Royi Smart Temperature Control Display Pan is made of stainless steel and heat-conducting aluminum. It is durable, easy to clean, and safe to use. The temperature sensor probe is designed with a protective tube which can prevent the cook from being burned by steam or grease.

Keep warm function

The Royi Smart Temperature Control Display Pan is designed with a keep-warm function to help you save time. When the sensor position’s temperature is lower than 100 degrees Celsius, the pan will automatically enter the keep-warm mode. The cook can set the duration of the keep-warm mode before cooking begins, ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

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