Benefits Of A Filtered Water Dispenser For Home


Viomi Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a smart device that provides instant hot water. It has an inbuilt heater and circulation system which allows it to heat up the water without any power cost. The unit also features automatic temperature control, auto-shutoff timer and anti-leakage protection for safety purposes. This product offers users convenience as well as energy saving benefits at the same time.

What is Viomi Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser?
This instant hot water machine features 3-Second Quick Heat-up, 3 Heat Settings,small-sized design and no installation required. The design of 3-Second quick heat-up and four heat settings enables you to drink warm, hot or cold water anytime. It has 3 types of heat settings. Different temperature settings let you quickly make diversified drinks, like coffee, tea, milk powder etc.


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