Here Is The Good Helper Who Can Make Housework Easy


The good helper is the one who can make housework easy. He or she can be of any gender, but it is important to note that this person must be able to do all the housework with ease and neatness. This person should be a very hard worker and should not have any problem with cleaning the house. He or she should also not have any problem in doing laundry, ironing and cleaning the dishes. This person must also be a good cook and must know how to take care of his or her family members. The good helper can also be your friend if he or she knows how to talk tactfully, never contradict you and always support you in all your decisions.

The Good Helper
The good helper is someone who can help in the housework. He or she must not have any problem with doing the housework, especially laundry and ironing. The good helper must also not have any problem in taking care of his or her family members, especially children. He or she must also be a very hard worker, but he or she must not have any problem in cleaning the house and preparing dinner for his or her family members. He or she should also not have any problem in taking care of their kids and friends. These are some of the characteristics that make up a good helper .

Tips for Housework
# Do you have a good helper?
Housework is not for the weak minded. You can’t just ask your housekeeper to do the chores without making sure they are good at them. Additionally, you need to make sure they understand that they should be doing everything with ease and in a way that will make it easy for them.
If you want your housekeeper to be able to do all the tasks with ease, then you need to set up a system where all the chores are done and organized on paper so that you can easily remember when each one needs done. Then, you need to make sure that your housekeeper has access to a complete list of all the jobs needed for each week so that he or she can easily handle them by going through them one by one.

Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV (S9)
Large rubberized wheels have a suspension system that enabled the this robot vacuum with self empty to clear 2 cm high obstacles like its on flat ground. It goes over door sills like they’re not there. In testing it could clear 2.4 cm obstacles but it will struggle with them occasionally. The programmed algorithm deals with them by alternating power in each wheel to shimmy up each one to clear the obstacle. It uses LDS2.0 sensor with SLAM algorithm for navigation situated in the centrally located turret.

Viomi Alpha UV(S9)’s ultraviolet light strip on the bottom of the vacuum is claimed to kill 5 kinds of common floor bacteria with 99.99% sterilization rate. Once the vacuum is done with cleaning and returns to charge the base station will hoover up all the collected dirt from the 2-in-1 container. When you lift the lid of the base station you will see a 3L dust bag, just like in a standard house vacuum. Viomi claims the dust bag should be changed every month but that would really depend on the size of the area cleaned and how dirty the floors get.
Why Buy a Robot Vacuum?
There are many reasons why you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner. They can help in cleaning the house, picking up dirt and sweeping. This can make it easy for you to spend more time doing other things while caring for your home.
The major advantage of buying a robot vacuum is that it is very little maintenance and replacement cost. You don’t have to buy new parts if one breaks or needs servicing all the time. Just like any other kinds of consumer goods, the costs will be reduced because the purchase price goes up with the amount of usage.

Features to Look For in a Robot Vacuum
A robot vacuum cleaner has a lot of features to make it easy for you to use it. Here are some benefits and features of the robot vacuum cleaners that you should consider when buying one:

Buying Considerations
The good helper should be able to do all the housework with ease and neatness. He or she should also not have any problem in doing laundry, ironing and cleaning the dishes.

an individual who makes a contribution to a group.

a person who performs work as part of an integrated unit such as a team or organization.

an individual that is employed by an organization in order to do work on its behalf.
A person employed to perform the duties and functions of another, usually in the capacity of an office worker. When there are two or more people performing these tasks, they may be called co-workers. The term is also used for people who perform similar jobs with different job titles, such as secretaries and accountant’s assistant (often abbreviated A & A).

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