How To Clean And Disinfect Yourself, Your Home, And Your Stuff


The Viomi Robot Vacuum V5 Pro is a powerful hybrid cleaning system that can be programmed to vacuum your home at specific times. It has an intelligent sensor, so it won’t fall down stairs. And with its smart motorized brush and battery-powered suction, the V5 pro is able to clean any floor type, including carpets and hard floors. The Viomi Robot Vacuum V5 Pro is your new best friend in the battle against dust bunnies and pet hair.

The V5 Pro Robot Vacuum
Viomi V5 Pro automatically builds a map of your home after the first mapping, thanks to its 360° AI laser scanning & mapping technology. It can also adapt to complex environments and navigates smoothly to get your home thoroughly cleaned effortly anytime, without interruptions.

Viomi V5 Pro is technology-driven and hardcore. This automatic vacuum has 4 high-precision AI laser lidar sensors, which allows it to map your house more accurately and efficiently and bring the anti-collision to the next level. With the 181mm ultra-long main brush 2.0, the sweeping coverage of Viomi V5 Pro is up to 80%, making sure your floor and carpets are cleaned properly and entirely.

Considerations for cleaning
Different areas in your home need to be cleaned differently. For example, your kitchen and bathroom surfaces need a thorough cleaning every week. Your bedroom, living room, and other areas don’t need a weekly clean. And the most important thing you can do for your health is to clean yourself often. If it feels like you’re always sick, check out the six steps below for tips on how to properly clean and disinfect yourself.

Step 1: Clean your hands
Your hands are the most important when it comes to keeping germs at bay. Keep hand sanitizer close by or use soap and water when washing your hands at least once a day.
Step 2: Clean the surfaces around you
Use an all-purpose cleaner with bleach on hard surfaces (or specific cleaners for different types of surfaces). Avoid using aerosol sprays or harsh chemicals if possible as they can irritate sensitive skin or cause respiratory problems in children and pets. Spray down surfaces that come into contact with food such as counters, appliances, utensils, stove tops, etcetera. You should also wipe down any handles of cabinets or drawers inside the home where food is stored. This will keep bacteria from spreading throughout the house easily.
Step 3: Disinfect your toilet
Particularly if you have little ones or elderly people in the house who might have trouble lifting their feet off of the ground when peeing or pooping in public toilets, be sure to disinfect them

Other things to clean and disinfect
There are a lot of things in your home that it’s important to keep clean and disinfected. There are some obvious ones, like the kitchen counters, but there are also places you might not think about, like the inside handle of your front door or the handle on your oven. If you have pets, it’s very important to get rid of any pet hair that may be spread around your house. It can cause allergies and make your home feel dirty even if it’s really clean. You can vacuum and mop every day to get rid of pet hair, but you’ll never be able to get all of it out.
Cleaning is a big job. By taking care of these other items in your home that need cleaning, you’ll save yourself time and stress by avoiding piles of dust bunnies that may have accumulated in areas where they’re not visible. It will also help you maintain a fresh home for yourself and for family members who visit. These hidden dust bunnies can accumulate over time and eventually develop into dust mites which are unhealthy for everyone in the household!
Here are some ways to clean those other germ-prone areas called “high-touch surfaces.”

Cleaning and disinfecting your home
We live in an era where many people suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. If you are one of those people, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your home is a safe environment. It starts with getting rid of dust and allergens by using a high-quality vacuum cleaner in conjunction with a wet mop or cloth on floors.
Additionally, make sure you wash your dishes and wipe down surfaces regularly. You should also use disinfectant around the house – especially if you have pets or small children.
Dealing with the dirt and messes that come with living in a home can be tough. However, there are some ways to combat it! Read more about how you can clean and disinfect yourself, your home, and your stuff here!

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