The Cosmic Fire Pan: What Is It And How Does It Work?


The non-stick pans or cast-iron pans on the market now are either not truly non-stick, or with harmful material like PFOA and PTFE, or can be easily deformed under high temperature, not long-lasting at all. As the first pan featured with Graphene coating, Cosmic Fire pan is able to change all the situations above. Graphene is a newly invented and developed material, and it is found that when the cast iron pan is coated with mixture of graphene and organic resin, and then put them under 280 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, a coating created can make the pan truly non-stick and the coating itself is also non-falling off. According to the creator of Cosmic Fire-Royi Company.

What Is Cosmic Fire Pan And How Does It Work?
Though the pan is not for using for cooking as it will damage the food, it is really good for cleaning in the kitchen. The pan is shaped like a cone and when put on the fire, it will harden instantly. In the process of deforming, the chemical bonds present in the graphene will cause all the graphene particles to expand in size. The non-stick coating that will exist on the outer shell will also separate from the inner casing, thus leaving a special non-stick coating on the pan. This new pan will be eco-friendly as it has a stronger grip on the food than ordinary pan, which doesn’t have enough grip. It will be so strong that even when put into a food fryer, it will not break even after being fired 10 times.

Why is Cosmic Fire Pan Different From Other Pans?
Apart from being truly non-stick, these non-stick cast iron pans also very durable, with PTFE and PFOA removed from it, this makes it a very low in toxicity and also clean. The cast iron material also can be reused in many ways, and is the only cast iron pan in the world that can be reused over 30 times before it starts to break. How Much Is it Expensive? The cast iron pans which are not very easy to find are only worth $15, and in some cases are worth up to $30, the Graphene coated cast iron pans are worth $40 or up to $90. The product price was set based on the expected price of a complete frying pan set including the non-stick pan, the pan anodizing and the optional accessories. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy this Graphene Pans from their online store.

What are the benefits of using Cosmic Fire Pan?
1. It is not easy to deplete the non-stick label after 10 minutes. 2. The cooking oil is not getting stuck in the surface of pan and therefore not easily damaged during the cooking process. 3. You can even use it as a pan and grill both of the sides. 4. Compared to other non-stick pans, this pan is suitable for non-stick cooking, and you will not be frightened when using it. 5. It does not easily heat up as compared to other pans. 6. Due to the formation of a long lasting coating, it does not get stuck to your pot. 7. It can also be easily washed and reused time and again, and it is also safe for the environment.

Is There A Risk Of Falling Ill When Using Cosmic Fire Pan?
The next question is about the safety of using the new non-stick pan. So Royi’s company, Cosmic Fire, released a number of testimonials about the reliability and non-stick ability of the pan. The manufacturers also assured the customers that the pan can be used for boiling, boiling and boiling in almost any kind of temperature, including 500 degrees Fahrenheit and up. This new pan, the reason why it is called Cosmic Fire Pan is based on natural material graphene that has no chemicals and no chemical-based alternatives to it, which makes it non-stick, and also highly heat-resistant. The whole process of Graphene using organic resin and adding it in a cast iron pan is done in a relatively simple way. This pan is highly non-stick and has no risk of smoking due to burning.

Both cast iron pans and non-stick pans are great when it comes to cooking. But in our time, the performance of cast iron pans and non-stick pans has seriously improved. The result is such that there are even Chinese companies manufacturing pans with both technology features, and several of those companies even invest in technology development in the future.