This Highly-Rated Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is On Sale For It’s Lowest Price


The Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro
This robotic vacuum cleaner is able to clean all types of flooring, great for homes with all different types of floors like wood floors (with or without carpets) or tiles. Also it can automatically recharge and has a strong suction power. It’s perfect for those who have pets and kids, those who don’t want to lift heavy objects, and those who need help with a cleaning their home.
With 4000Pa superior suction and a 3-in-1 mopping, sweeping & vacuuming system, Viomi Alpha 2 Pro enables your home to be more spotless than ever. It can pull all the dirt, debris, and pet hair from wherever it hides. Carpets, detected by sensors, will trigger a suction boost on Alpha 2 Pro. It will automatically increase suction strength to make sure your floor and carpets are vacuumed properly and entirely.

With this automatic vacuum, you can set different cleaning modes for different rooms, which is a first from Viomi. Apart from that, of course you can use the usual App funtions, such as using vacuuming/mopping mode, editing areas, setting up virtual walls, setting up custom cleaning, etc. Complete control is in your hands, even when you are away. Alpha 2 Pro is now compatible with Google Home & Alexa, giving you an effortless floor cleaning solution. Whenever you want to have your floor cleaned, just simply ask your Alexa/Google voice assistant to tell Alpha 2 Pro to start cleaning, and consider it done.

Why you need a robot vacuum
No matter how much you love your pets and how much you pay for them to be groomed, they still leave behind an unimaginable amount of hair. Maintaining this amount of hair is a task that is not only difficult but also time-consuming. A robot vacuum cleaner, such as the Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro, is a perfect solution for pet hair, human hair, and all that other gross stuff that you don’t want to touch. And with its low price right now, it can also save you money!

Best features of the Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro
The Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro is a high-quality, intelligent vacuum cleaner. It has the most advanced deep clean technology, with a strong suction power to pick up pet hair, human hair, and other gross stuff (we’re not judging). It also has an automatic charging/recharging feature so you don’t have to worry about it running out of juice halfway through your cleaning session.

How to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner for you
1) Do you want a robot that can vacuum and mop?
2) Do you have pets or messy kids?
3) What size of room are you looking to cover?
4) How much storage space is available in your home?
5) What color do you prefer your new vacuum cleaner to be?
6) How many different floors does your house have?

The Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro is perfect for pet and allergy sufferers, parents with small children and people who just want an easy-to-use and effective robot vacuum cleaner.
It has the best suction power on the market, and its ability to map out the room so it can clean more efficiently means less time spent vacuuming and more time spent doing what you love.
The Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro is worth the investment if you want a cleaner home with less hassle.

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